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May 27th, 2011

It’s really not fair that San Francisco has all of these cool houses. To be able to tour these someday would be a pleasure. Seeing houses in person always puts an even better perspective for the beauty of them. Terry & Terry Architecture refurbished this house into a more modern marvel.

I really like the fact that the roof was designed to collect water run-off and store it in holding tanks for later use. On the north end of the roof there are also photovoltaic solar panels put to use.

Found on Arch Daily
Photography: Ethan Kaplan, Alex Terry

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  1. Shelby White says:

    Joel, I thought about tweeting something like that about this house but I figured it would quickly be taken out of context ;).

  2. Alex Cornell says:

    One thing to note, so SF doesn’t get all the points, is any cool construction in SF is always either A) really really far from the actual city, or B) in a disastrously dangerous neighborhood. Or $10mil + if it’s actually “in” the city.

    Sad, because every time I see a place like this listed in SF I get all excited…

  3. I agree with Alex here. A lot of it has to do with building codes in the actual city. They make it really hard for anyone to come in and change the integrity of a neighborhood. You do see houses like this peppered in different areas though. Anyone know in what hood this house is located in?

  4. Brennan says:

    How do you find all of these fantastic houses?

    Almost every single one becomes my favorite – until the next one comes out, haha.

    Brilliant, man.

  5. Shelby White says:

    Brennan, to be honest I spend quite a bit of time searching through sites, archives, etc to find houses that really resonate with me; places that I would want to live as well.

  6. wtv3d says:

    Boring… enough…is the 100056th in the row cubic minimal house.
    The architect have to be back to design lab…

  7. sean says:

    the form of this is really nice. they really could have ruined it with the third story balcony, I love the decision for it not to meet the sides of the extruded square. I also like the subraction interior spaces to create exterior ones. on some note though I almost wish that the wood panning only related too the intereior and exterior of the two squares, and not the third level floor. in section I think its a little stronger, and maybe got lost a bit in reality.

    its good to see a house in a more urban condition on here. even if its not true san fran, the suburbs around the city play a major role in the city, or atleast in most cities, ive never been.

    also pretty amazing seeing the before photo ( )

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