Advice from Wim Crouwel

May 24th, 2011

Image by Experimental Jetset

YouTube Preview ImageWim Crouwel is right when he says, “On the other hand, finding your way now is much more difficult than my time”. Finding your way and making a name for yourself nowadays is difficult. It seems every way you turn there is someone doing the same thing that you’re doing. That should not be discouraging however. Sticking to what you love should be easy and spending time doing it should be even easier.

Although Crouwel is referring to young designers, the advice here is still quite relevant all designers.

Via Phaidon / Swiss Legacy

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  1. mjb says:

    this is so unbelievably good & relevant..

  2. Cadco says:

    Great advise for all designers – not only young designers.

    It’s an amazing time to be alive…so whatever we do… do not be board.

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