Uncomfortably Sexual Company Logos

May 12th, 2011

Usually I don’t post bad design on the blog but these certainly deserve to be posted. How is it even possible that the designer didn’t see the innuendo’s brewing when designing these? This by far is the funniest and greatest-of-the-worst set of logos. It is almost unbelievable that this could happen. Just to add to the humor, some of these were designed for churches…

Via Somecards

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  1. ROFL thanks for the laugh!

  2. Doug Sheets says:

    Ha ha ha! I don’t know how this slipped by not just the designer, but the client as well. Reminds me of the South Lake Union Trolly fiasco.

  3. Shelby White says:

    Oh man, the South Lake Union Trolly situation in Seattle was rather funny. It’s hard to imagine that went unnoticed.

  4. Peter says:

    less a logo… Do people not bust on this one? http://www.kumon.com/

  5. Mel says:

    I’ll confess I don’t see what’s so risque about the Safe Place sign. It’s an adult hugging a child, which doesn’t automatically mean ‘OMG Paedo!’ to me. Or is there something else I’m not seeing?

    The one for the Islamic Understanding Institute has me laughing out loud, though. Did nobody really see that?

  6. Shelby White says:

    @Mel, the last one (safe place) is really sort of symbolizing the term “reach around”. I’m not going to link it in the comments but feel free to search that one at your own discretion.

    @Peter, hilarious.

  7. Tyrone says:

    The Islamic centre is a standard image of domes, domes are also a part of Eastern Christian churches so people exposed to those things see them not what you guys in the USA see!

    The first image is in no way sexual it’s just that you’ve framed it as such!

    Now the dental one is a clinger but I bet you if you saw that sign in a hospital you’d see the dentist and the patient in a normal way context also influences perception!

  8. Shelby White says:

    @Tyrone, I don’t think its that we only see them just as sexual because it is quite evident what they were trying to do with the design. The problem really lies with the way they were designed and because of that they hold the double meaning… which can be good or bad. In this case to the majority of folks they’re viewed with a sexual connotation.

  9. Meticularius says:

    The innuendoes are our own. My five year old granddaughter does not see sexual images. Only those of us who are tainted see them.

  10. The last one doesn’t seem as much sexual as it looks like the looming white figure is about to eat the black figure’s brains. Doesn’t look like a safe place to me.

  11. lollypoppe says:

    ahahahahah!! very good

  12. John says:

    How about the London Olympics logo aka Lisa Simpson blowjobbing…

  13. Tim says:

    Hah, uncomfortably sexual company logos brought to us by the blog with an uncomfortably sexual name.

  14. Mark says:

    @Tim Exactly what I thought. When I first clicked on the blog I thought that the name was an innuendo joke itself. Probably not understood by those used to american english, but if you speak British english, that name is hilarious. Or especially if you are Irish and ing is commonly pronounced en. Quality.

  15. Adhi says:

    Huh? I guess calling them “uncomfortably sexual” doesn’t tell a lot about the logos themselves, as much as it tell about the kind of society you’re living in…

  16. Bruegel says:

    ahahah thanks, I’m definitely trying out that Loelia massage thing ^_^

  17. Wycleff says:

    Hehe, Renault is missing ;-))

  18. ferrari says:

    @peter I always make fun of that kumon sign. It looks like a retarded face that doesn’t understand anything he is being taught.

  19. purpdurley says:

    Adhi says:
    05/13/2011 at 6:39 AM

    Huh? I guess calling them “uncomfortably sexual” doesn’t tell a lot about the logos themselves, as much as it tell about the kind of society you’re living in…

    lmao so what society are you living in where pedophilia is okay?

  20. Karen says:

    I guess I must be on the same wave length because every single one had me rolling! Shame on me!

  21. Chuck says:

    One miss: The Amazon.com logo. I’ve always thought it looked like a penis. A crooked penis, but a penis nonetheless.

  22. Hobaaa :)) That’s amazing!

  23. Piper Wilson says:

    I think some of those are on purpose. Like the computer store.

  24. saeed says:

    is the best

  25. Jonas says:

    Maybe someone was “fucking” with the church ;-)

  26. Adhi says:

    @purpdurley: Whence pedophilia? Seeing pedophiliac acts from a bunch of innocuous poses and abstract shapes says a lot more about your mind, than about the shapes themselves, that’s what I was trying to say…

  27. neg says:

    Adhi’s just pissed because he came from the Islamic Understanding Institute.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  28. Adhi says:

    @neg: Is that necessarily so? Alrighty, then :D

    Amusing post and comment thread, still…

  29. Rob says:

    OH NO!!! That’s frigging hilarious! Especially the dentist one. This is right up there with bad domain names like Therapist Finder (therapistfinder.com) and Pen Island (penisland.com)

  30. chris says:


  31. JackOLantern says:

    Not listed here, Amazon’s “arrow” looks a lot like a penis. To make matters worse, Amazon built a structure in Seattle’s downtown that looks too much like a scrotum and testicles. Amazon employees familiarly refer to this structure as “the balls.”

  32. Cwilliams says:

    The amazon logo looks like a penis to me.

  33. Cwilliams says:

    JackoLantern. I thought the same thing; The amazon logo looks like a penis to me.

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  35. Jessica Meroney says:

    no one has noticed that Tesla’s logo looks like an IUD or that Amazon’s logo looks like a crooked penis?

  36. naveen says:

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  37. Barbara says:

    The A to Z and Amazon Smile excuses are long gone now, it is clear that Jeff Bezos penis is in every home in America, every back door, pile waiting to be taken away, every box to be donated. Penis penis penis for one and for all.

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  39. Polosport02 says:

    It Is Obviously a Penis!! And it is being shoved in our faces and down our throats by a huge company!! I hate it! I find it to be emotionally abusive and a mild rape experience every time I see it!

  40. Polosport02 says:

    BTW, Has anyone seen his rocket because his rocket, space ship, looks like a penis too! It really grosses me out that he gets away with this! I don’t understand why we have to be subjected to this? It is everywhere, trucks, billboards, tv, cardboard boxes! Come on! Does anyone really want to see this guys impression of a penis plastered everywhere? There were plenty of decent looking logos fir Amazon before he became a large enough business to get away with this!

    How long are we as the American public going to let big business get away with indecency inflicted on the public? Is he really any better than Harvey W.? It would be hard to boycott that delivery company and I think I will do my best. We should at least have an option to change it on Prime where we can least hide it when watching tv and it pops up in our home in front of our families repeatedly, right?

  41. dude says:

    Amazing, has anyone else noticed that the tesla models are “S3XY” aka “SEXY” and the logo turned upside down looks like sombodies penis

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