iPhone Leica i9 Camera Case

April 25th, 2011

A dream project for a dream camera. Not only is Black Design Associates connecting to slip an iPhone 4 into a Leica camera body, but they’re taking it to the point of true optical zoom, a dedicated aperture and shutter dials. Awesome.

I’d love to play with this if it comes to fruition. You couldn’t ask for a better stocking stuffer this Christmas… All eyes are on you guys for approval, Apple & Leica.

Via Gizmodo / Black DA

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  1. Nasuha says:

    this is way too cool!

  2. This is crazy…..i’m sure this will only be the beginning for the iphone for stuff like this! Good post!

  3. Sean Gaffney says:

    Where is the order button? No really, why does this not exist yet? Waaant.

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