Sugar Bowl Residence

April 10th, 2011

The Sugar Bowl Residence by John Maniscalco Architecture is an exquisite design balanced between modern and the comfort of a warm mountain home. Surprisingly this home is located in Norden, California where it sees up to 8-9 feet of snow during the winter. To help keep the snow from piling up aside the house, the whole structure is perched on a concrete slab.

Materials used in this house include walnut (fir also but not mentioned), concrete and steel.

Via Contemporist

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  1. Shandon says:

    Great post amazing architecture. Love the inside color scheme.

  2. excellent post. i love all of the woodgrain. I’m posting a house by the same architects later this week.

  3. Wow just love the touch and color of the wood, looks so clean

  4. Amazing looking house, like Luis said looks amazingly clean and fresh, especially with the conditions outside, however I must say the bedroom isn’t exactly to my taste.
    Love all the wood though!

  5. HERB QUONG says:

    Beautiful cabin in a beautiful setting. But those upper bunks are hard to keep “made-up” And a cabin needs to be “easy to clean and keep clean. Maybe there are some maids quarters?

  6. ric says:

    this is not an ordinary mountain cabin. there surely is a maid or the owners like to clean.
    just noticed that the bunk beds are ‘doubled’ with two beds on top and two on the bottom! sweeeet cabin

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