Digital Cartridge for 35mm Film Cameras

April 5th, 2011

The RE-35 is a cartridge just like the classic 35mm film roll that slides into the standard film camera compartment. The RE-35 cartridge uses flash memory to save the digital images in high resolution JPEG’s or RAW up to 4, 8 and 12 Megapixels.

To export the photos and charge the cartridge you connect the cartridge via USB to your computer. It works on both Mac and PC. Unfortunately there aren’t any test shots or tech specs on this just yet. I sure hope this is as good as it looks and not an April fools prank. It’s an awesome idea and I’d hope the quality would be representative of actual film. Curious about the cost for this thing because I’m completely sold.

What do you think about the cartridge?

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  1. Julien says:

    There’s nothing to think about this :) Unfortunately it’s an April Fool’s joke. But a brilliant one! Maybe one day it’ll be possible to reuse our old analog gems…

  2. Shelby White says:

    Hey Julien, can you confirm that this is an April Fool’s joke?

  3. Rogier says:

    Hmm, I probably won’t use it, I think the reason I want to shoot with a 35mm camera is because I can develop the film myself and i have everything in control. Also film has this sort of grain over the images which is an extra reason for me to shoot film, you don’t have that anymore when you shoot on a digital film. Although I like the idea and I’m pretty anxious to see it work in real life:D

  4. Rogier says:

    hahaha never mind, i just now read it was an april’s fool, looks like someone still got me for it. I thought I came off clean this year ha ha

  5. Tommy says:

    Hey Shelby, this is the article I found about it being and April Fools prank. Such a disappointment!

  6. Tom says:

    Even if it were true – I would not use it. It does not solve the problem of digital imaging: Grain vs. noise.

    grain = heaven
    noise = hell
    none of the above = purgatory

  7. Rogier says:

    I agree with tom :)

  8. Kevin says:

    i fell for this too…. i dont think it was a “prank” tho. just a design project.

  9. Shelby White says:

    It’s a real shame this is a fake and that someone fooled us photographers!

  10. Brennan says:

    Agreed with Tom; I have a DSLR and a film SLR and I’d like to keep them that way.

    Still, it’d be a handy way for new people to get into cheaper DSLRs by picking up old 35mm bodies in pawn shops…

  11. rent says:

    Seemed like a cool idea at first, but then I thought about it some more and I’d never want that option. My analog camera is for film and the digital is for everything else. I’ll keep it that way.

    Not like they could do it anyway…bastards.

  12. sean says:

    I dont really think an april fools joke or a fake but an industrial designers concept, in which I think it is an interesting idea, maybe in the end, it wouldnt truly be shaped like a roll of film, as we would need flexible sensors, but I like the idea of dropping a sensor into a old film camera, could be a lot of fun.

    to me it seems like its disprespectfull to the designer to call it a joke or a fake. its a concept.

  13. Abb-d says:

    We got caught ourselves. :( Can’t say we weren’t suspicious of it though.

  14. I freaked out when I first saw this. I found out it was an April Fools joke a few days later. I was so upset with myself.

  15. David Jouppi says:

    I agree i wouldn’t use it for most of my SLRs. But when i heard about it, the first thing that came to mind was my holga. That plus a holga, may be pretty dang sweet. To bad its not real :(

  16. Marin says:

    Saw this concept at Photokina in 1998, from a small, unkown company and everyone was very excited about it. In 2000. Photokina I couldn’t find them anywhere so I figure someone bought them and put the thing into a drawer…

  17. sadiq says:

    Good idea . If anyone knows about this kind of kit, now ir in feuture, please let us know. It is realy usfull for older good cameras that we are still keeping.

  18. JoWo says:

    Still waiting. I want it!

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