Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar Giveaway

April 3rd, 2011

Studio On Fire is one of the best letterpress shops around. Fortunately I have two of their letterpress calendars up for grabs. The calendar is letterpressed with four inks: tonal varnish, silver, copper and black.

To enter, comment on this post and leave your name and email address in the comment form fields. The two winners will be drawn randomly on Friday, April 8th, 2011. If you are a winner I’ll contact you to let you know.

Jan/Jul: Studio On Fire
Feb/Aug: Adam Garcia
Mar/Sept: Brian Gunderson
Apr/Oct: Jessica Hische
May/Nov: We Make It So
Jun/Dec: Aesthetic Apparatus

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  1. More fine work from Studio On Fire

  2. Nice calendar!
    Letterpress rules the print universe.

    And you run an excellent blog btw!

    Keep it up.

  3. Megan says:

    Gorgeous calendar, that letterpress makes me salivate. Great work.

  4. Oh deary me, that looks delicious. I wants it!

  5. Andrea Pullicino says:

    Makes you wish you were blind to get the full tactile experience!

  6. OhMiGosh! Mr June/December I love you works and everything you do. All of these designer/artists make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. And letterpress! Thankyou WANKEN blog for being awesome!

  7. Simple yet gorgeous – I do want to touch it!

  8. Steve says:

    Those do look nice.

  9. Sean Curran says:

    those look great

  10. Great posts, and love the calendar. I make linocut prints as a hobby, and love the whole printing process. Trying to work out a way to integrate letterpress into my shop.

  11. Kevin Stanton says:

    This blog is GORGEOUS! I check it daily to get inspiration. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!

  12. Øystein Hansen says:

    wow wow wow

  13. These calendars are awesome… I want one!

  14. KerryH says:

    They look gorgeous.

  15. Ventura says:

    Looks great.

  16. Jason Dean says:

    mine. mine. mine. mine. mine.

  17. NICKlittleE says:

    Love letterpress!

  18. Forrest Vess says:

    Those are beautiful.

  19. Love these and love Studio on Fire—here’s crossing my fingers!

  20. John Dozier says:

    love their work!

  21. Love the compact little stand for the calendars!

  22. Jonas Cederholm says:

    Looking forward to bragging to my dear colleagues about owning one of these ;-)

  23. Jonathan Gracey says:

    Yes Please!

  24. PJ Tierney says:

    Totally want one of these :)

  25. Incredible! Some inspiring illustration work right there

  26. This is just beautiful… Those colors and the letterpress…
    Amazing work!!!

  27. damn. those are really nice.

  28. Christina says:

    Lovely everything … color palette, type, illustration … Thanks for sharing.

  29. Alex says:

    Beautiful stuff!

  30. Petko M says:

    Mighty Tasty

  31. Chris McWilliam says:

    This calendar is soooo beautiful! I hope I win!

  32. paolo says:

    love it!

  33. M McIver says:

    these calendars are rad!

  34. Peter Hironaka says:

    This is a perfect example of new school meets old school. It would be a great addition to my desk space. Really beautiful work!

  35. Tommy says:

    Fantastic work, a real inspiration!

  36. Yu nana says:

    That will really help me remeber the date

  37. Kristi Waite says:

    Wow – these are amazing! Thanks for sharing, Shelby!

  38. oscar says:


  39. Austin Reed says:

    So tactile. I can feel the paper already

  40. Matt V says:

    Studio on Fire was started by a grad from my College, I got to tour their shop recently and it’s an outstanding space. They take great pride in their craft. I’d love a calendar!

  41. raresupply says:

    I Bet that was one hell of a process and WORK! Love the cards! Now to find a local letter press in Charleston, SC……

  42. Jonathan W. says:

    Sweet prints

  43. Alex Gardos says:

    Always loved this medium. Ran a Heidelberg Windmill in college…good times.

  44. Ian Houghton says:

    I would quite enjoy one of these.

  45. Megan S. says:

    Stunning designs! Great work.

  46. Awesome design and the paper quality look superb.

  47. I LOVE calendars.

  48. Karen says:

    Will these cards withstand my rubbing them all over myself? Because that is what I want to do with them.

  49. Keith says:

    design boner … SCHWING!

  50. Devon says:


  51. Brian Klepper says:

    Beautiful style!

  52. Robby says:

    Gorgeous letterpress!

  53. Rick Dobbs says:

    And they’re using one of my favorite fonts – DIN.

  54. Christopher Lloyd says:

    Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound. Awesome…

  55. I love Studio on Fire, great work!

  56. Brandon says:

    Love the bold and subtle contrast between months. Amazing detail!

  57. Richard Pil says:

    did i see a moustache ? I Want it :P

  58. Marc says:


  59. Jeff Johns says:

    Those are sick.

  60. These are fantastic. Great giveaway.

  61. John Furness says:

    Beautiful work.

  62. Oh this is pretty amazing.

  63. Julie says:

    Love the rusty colour.

  64. Ian says:


  65. Emma Holder says:

    I saw this early Feb and fell in love! Nice collab.

  66. Graham says:

    I dont think I could unpack it its so nice.

  67. Chris L. says:

    Oh these are quite lovely!

  68. Erik says:

    Very sexy!

  69. MM says:

    The texture of the paper along with the print technique has got me sold.

  70. Jon Gel says:

    Fine stuff … I suspect I would be framing some of these to have on my walls for years to come

  71. chris says:

    love studio on fire. great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity.

  72. Kevin says:

    This calendar is a beauty. Though, the same can be said for pretty much anything they put their talented hands on. Good on ‘ya SOF!

  73. Bryan says:

    Yes please!

  74. Dan Hemmendinger says:

    Love that fold-down stand…

  75. Barry Nelipowitz says:

    These are fantastic! :D

  76. Josef says:

    I love giant ‘N’

  77. Jeannine G says:

    Love the look! I would like one!!

  78. Jessica says:

    great inspired works of art!

  79. Gorgeous images – great colours. i think my favourite might be fake end of winter – i was gardening two days ago without a coat and today it snowed….
    – agata.

  80. Nasos says:

    I love it I want it :-)

  81. kbmeyer says:

    i love/want this

  82. Andrew says:

    I’ve always thought letterpress shops have often been the unsung heroes of the visual world. I love the balance of all the work, and I especially love how my birth month has mustaches all over it. Hope I

  83. Andrew says:

    I think letterpress shops are the most underrated group of people in the visual world. I love the visual balance of it all, and I especially love how my birth month is adorned with mustaches! Hope I win! :D

  84. Will says:

    Utterly gorgeous.

  85. Naomi.ross says:

    :: Love it ::

  86. Randall McKee says:

    striking…nothing better than pushing letters and images into paper…all are very clean and classy

  87. Arman says:

    I love the copper!!! Amazing!!!

  88. Kailey says:

    Beautiful work – makes me wish I had even a fraction of the talent that went into that.

  89. Matt Wrightson says:

    Beautiful work!

  90. SinCheah says:

    Amazing work, wouldn’t expect anything less from Studio on Fire. Would look good in my office…

  91. JT says:

    wow, what a stunning little calendar…cool artwork & love the little easel to display it all too

  92. Pontus says:

    Awesome. Amazing. Must have.

  93. Andy Wörner says:

    You are a true joy to look at, each one of your pictures are pure poetry to my eyes, and an inspiration to my senses.

  94. Alec says:

    I love their work.

  95. Winning would totally make up for how I fell for the re35 prank.

  96. I need another calendar like I need a hole in the head, but I am starting a new job soon, could use it there and letterpress is just so damn sexy.

  97. Tobias says:

    These are just beautiful.

  98. Joren Peters says:

    BEEF! – Now that is true craftsmanship!

  99. Mmm, Studio on Fire, the only way to go for letterpress.

  100. Jim LePage says:

    Love SOF. I live in St. Paul and made it to their open house a couple months ago. Super cool to see all the old letterpress machines there. I’d love to win this calendar.

  101. Really great work

  102. Scott Ward says:


  103. Matthew Zbieranowski says:

    Really nicely crafted calendar, really like your blog as well very inspiring.

  104. Ashish Kumar says:

    Nice calendars!

    Are they available for purchase from some shop?

  105. Stewart says:

    Great work!!

  106. Sam Quayle says:

    Mint calendar. Give it.

  107. Beautiful work. Great concepts.

  108. Matthias says:

    I really love this letterpress calendar. Studio on Fire’s last years calender was great but this one is awesome!!!

  109. Maxim McNair says:

    Beautiful. Loving the bronze.

  110. Cory Pitzer says:

    Sexy zombies? I’m in.

  111. valeria says:

    woooow. you would look so good on my wall !

  112. Evan Spitzer says:

    Simply beautiful! Can’t imagine how much work, time, and effort you had to put into this!

  113. Amanda Macedo says:

    Wowza, these prints look sweet!

  114. DavevsDave says:

    wow, that is one beautiful calender.

  115. Cory Gibbons says:

    Amazing, I want one.

  116. Definitely want one of these in my office! They are sick!

  117. Don van der Zaan says:


  118. Hoot! I’m an owl…

  119. kaarins says:

    WANT. letterpress is always so so lovely.

  120. Henno says:

    This calendar is so well made, it just might make me use calendars again :)

  121. thom says:

    These look great.

  122. Zach says:

    SEXY ZOMBIE!!! I’d like to see an app do this shit!

  123. Colin Oakes says:

    These are slick! Wish me luck.

  124. Michael says:

    mm, printed goodness.

  125. Charissa says:

    Twelve months of fine design!

  126. Craig Morrison says:

    Letterpress!! Love it, wish i could afford to get my own letterpress business cards! Only 3 more years of being a student. Calendar would be nice to keep track of deadlines! :o) Thanks for the opportunity Shelby

  127. Sam Davis says:

    Hope I’m not too late, I would very much like to have that calendar.

  128. Harry Leeder says:

    Love the style – a calendar would really add to my work set up!