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February 16th, 2011

Build is a small design conference where interesting, talented web practitioners from around the world come to share ideas, techniques and inspiration. Tim Brown was one of these practitioners to speak about perfecting typography. Tim is the Type Manager for Typekit—an easy to use font replacement tool.

In this talk, Tim talks about the experience of setting type, things to look for, and other various ways to perfect your type. He also presents tools to use that will ultimately better your web typography. One of which is a modular scale that provides harmonious ratios of font-sizing in css. Tim was kind enough to put his scale online at where you can choose between three different methods of scaling: the Golden Section, Musical Fifth and Musical Fourth.

At about 20 minutes in, Tim will explain how he chooses his font-family and his comfortable font-size, then chooses a column width from the scale. This is a strong point from this talk, however I believe the best and most important part is this:

We don’t have to remain strict to certain layouts just for the sake of filling them.

Via Swiss Miss

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  1. Nick Decorte says:

    Nice, I’ve enjoyed the show. It was very interesting.

  2. Maxime says:

    Nice, I’d recommand listening with some Four Tet in the background, makes it more enjoyable for some reasons.

  3. Colin Oakes says:

    Hey Shelby,

    Thanks for sharing this video. It is a great talk. I learned a lot of new things that I can stat implementing into my work-flow right away.

    Shelby, do you ever find examples of the golden ratio in architecture?

  4. nnes says:

    This kind of reminder Is just what I needed.
    Thank you very much for this interesting saying!

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