San Francisco Carr Apartment

February 14th, 2011

Architect Craig Steely has done an outstanding job renovating this high-rise loft apartment/penthouse. His inspiration came from mood of 70’s space rock and ambient music artists such as Cluster, Brian Eno and Michael Rother. This is really evident in the floor to ceiling ambient light installation on one side of the main living area. The light wall displays videos that are slowed down and each pixel is paired to a 2 inch LED behind the wall. This is what creates the large 8-bit-like pattern. Not only is this light wall really great, but the view is quite possibly one of the best in all of San Francisco. In the picture below you can see Alcatraz Island and the surrounding bay.

Considering that I’m currently in the process of relocating, it doesn’t help to be looking at such amazing apartments like these—the time will come though.

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  1. Billy Restey says:

    Beautful! The use of light as an artform reminds me of James Turrel. I think it would be impossible to live there and not be inspired on a daily basis. Good digs! Super minimalist–that’s what Brian Eno’s all about.

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  4. i must say the pictures look amazing

  5. wow, this is a dream apartment. i want one too :D

  6. Just gorgeous.i don’t have the words for it.

  7. Sorin Papuc says:

    Really impressive, The decoration are really fantastic.

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