Chris Sisarich: The Middle of Nowhere

January 21st, 2011

Chris Sisarich was on assignment in Egypt shooting a tourism campaign where he captured these beautifully desolate landscape photos. I find them extraordinary and unbelievable at the same time. The last two images in particular are moments in time that would be really great to experience.

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  1. These are fantastic. Now I’m all missing the “there was rain” blog…

  2. mitch moquin says:

    the second to last image really gets me.

  3. Brennan says:

    I actually really like the first one, but mostly because it looks kind of photoshopped somehow. It’s a sand road, but somehow the gas station just doesn’t seem right at all. They go on paved roads in my mind.

    Maybe I’m crazy.

    Great collection!

  4. Nice set of photos Shelby. Its between the second to last, and the last image for the gold.

  5. anghene says:

    is that a romanian Dacia i see ?? :))

  6. matt says:

    This is really beautiful work.
    Makes me want to dust off my old canon and get out in the world again.

  7. bikeBone says:

    With a bit of goodwill it looks like a witty time-lapse sequence:Man collects building materials – loads car – collects more material – looks for a place suitable for his idea – builds an abstract statue from that. Hes starts loking in winter, so there’s some snow piles, but by summer he’s got it all set up really nicely. And now makes living off it by serving sightseers refreshments…


  8. The car in the second picture is a Dacia 1300 or a Renault 12. The production started during the Cold War in 1969 and ended in 2004.

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