The Sartorialist

January 10th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageThe Sartorialist is fashion blog run by blogger/photographer Scott Schumann out of New York. In this mini documentary we see Schumann hitting the streets to take photos of people who are fashionably interesting. The video acts as a great way to show the process behind Schumann’s work. I find the way that he approaches his subjects particularly interesting.

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  1. mitch moquin says:

    thanks for this one shelby!

  2. Sean Wood says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve followed his site for a while when I was shooting street fashion. Great to see a bit of an insight into his world.

  3. Brett Ruiz says:

    Great stuff there!

  4. Sin says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The loaoticns and colors and comps are phenomenal! You really did amazing work here. Think #2 is my favorite due to the amazingness of the leaves and colors and light. I’m so jealous of your autumn seeing as how we completely bypassed that season here. Really stunning work. •••

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