Happy Holidays from Wanken

December 24th, 2010

Everyone that has tuned in, I thank you. The blog has come a long ways since earlier this year and it’s because of your support. The new year will bring a lot of new things that I believe you’ll love.

Remember to sign up for the bloglist if you’re not already and also check out my newest project called Designspiration. Feel free to pass it along to friends as well. After all it’s a site for you to use!

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  1. E. Ureel says:

    I wish you the very best aswel mate, may next year be even more succesfull then the previous one?!

    off the record: Desingspiration is the bomb.

  2. thehalvo says:

    Nice work this year man, loved keeping up on the blog. Stoked to see where 2011 takes you!

  3. Just signed up and that site is perfect for inspiration. Question – Did you create this texture in the graphic for this post. I am trying to replicate an old posterized film look on my images and this is really close to it. Any ideas would be helpful.

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