NAiM Jean Prouvé + Designspiration

June 8th, 2009

Talk about amazing design–these pieces are incredible. I’m definitely a fan of Experimental Jetset’s work and their process which is explained on their website. They are a small, independent design studio based in Amsterdam.

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  1. Wow. That is great. Thanks for that ShelB.

  2. nielsvanommeren says:

    The agency is experimental jetset. The client is Nai which stands voor Dutch Architecture institute.
    But what the M stands for…

  3. Neils–
    Thank you–glad you caught that. I must have been overwhelmed by the quality of their work and lost focus on my writing there for a minute.

    For readers just tuning into this post, NAi M stands for Netherlands Architecture Institute, and the ‘M’ for Maastricht.

    “The NAI Maastricht is part of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, based in Rotterdam. The NAI in Rotterdam stores the most important architecture archives and collections, and makes them accessible to the public. The institute offers facilities for research and a platform for discussion. The NAI presents exhibitions, organizes lectures, debates and tours and issues publications which aim to inform, inspire, and stimulate both professionals and the general public. The NAI in Rotterdam has two annexes: Sonneveld House, the museum house from 1930 adjacent to the NAi, and the Open Model Storage in the Van Nelle Design Factory.” –

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