Architect Ray Kappe

November 1st, 2010

Pictured here is Ray Kappe. Also pictured in previous images is his wife & partner Shelly Kappe

Prior to reading an article on Dwell about Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe, I was not aware of what I was missing out on. Ray designed this multilevel home for his family in 1965 and then built it in a canyon in Pacific Palisades. The central living space offers spacious views throughout the interior; into spaces such as Ray Kappe’s office and the upper family room. Each room is lit very well. The ambient light through skylights, corner windows or clerestories illuminates the rooms and really makes the interior feel spacious.

The whole house is built out of concrete and wood and in turn maintains the mid-century modern look we’ve all come to admire. Where the wood timbers meet with the glass panes and concrete is where the magic happens. Coming across such treasures is becoming more and more of a rarity it seems like. In the interview with Dwell, Shelly Kappe said that when the house was built, it “was so ahead of its time.” It was an encapsulation of Ray’s vision for the house to be a synthesis of the rational and the intuitive.

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  1. Nasuha says:

    wow, that is seriously a very relaxing house. nice showcase. :)

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  3. Alex Burner says:

    sweet mother of dwellings i think i’m in love. out of all the fancy houses i’ve seen on the internet, this is the one i most want to live in. i like the juxtaposition of the blocky human elements thrust directly into the natural leafy canopy of all those trees.

    i also like all of the different levels within the house, and the complete lack of handrails (trusting people to take care of themselves is something you don’t see very often these days…).

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen such a great combination of smooth & clean mixed with warm& cozy.

  4. Maria says:

    sehr schöne Bilder

  5. Ray I really loving specially where wood and glass for window.. amazing. As a designed in 1965 I salute to designer RAY.

  6. Jesse says:

    Holy smokes I need to live there right now. Stunning.

  7. this is amazing architectur :D really amazing images, thank you for a great post.

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  9. gordon says:

    ray and shelly are great people,

    ray designed a home my x and i built in 1990, in pacific palisades as well.

    he probably understands light, space and human interaction better than 99% of the architects out there.

    ask him to design something for you before he can no longer do it.


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