Murdock Young + Kettle Hole House

October 25th, 2010

Murdock Young has shown us before of the great work they do. This house in East Hampton, New York is the second testament to that. I believe the original house that was in its place was owned by a previous generation and looked pretty dingy. Murdock Young then came in to rebuild it into the exquisite, contemporary product that we see above.

After seeing this photo, a wave of nostalgia swept over me—times as a kid in the hot summer weather of Idaho. The surrounding trees, water and what the weather appears to be like in the photo are definitely the elements that bring back those memories.

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  2. Ian Houghton says:

    I love the silhouette of the house, it makes me think of an urban skyline. Great find!

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  4. San says:

    this reminds me of the Game ‘Heavy Rain’
    The guy has a very very similar home in the game.. =D

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