Herman Miller Giveaway

October 12th, 2010

Normally I wouldn’t put a giveaway up like this, but it benefits you. In fact there are two benefits in it for you. Herman Miller has been giving away a handful of their expensive products over the past few weeks and one of those that you can win is a Embody Chair. The chair itself is worth an astounding $1,705—true comfort comes at a cost apparently. There are still two more products that you can win. Although not as fancy, they are still pretty cool.

Make sure to Enter the giveaway before it ends November 2nd, 2010.

While I’ve still got your attention, I want to ask for your help. This contest is referral based and the person with the most referrals wins an Aeron Chair. I’m in need of a new chair that doesn’t make my back snap, crackle and pop. Currently I’m in second place to win the chair and with your help we could seal the deal. All I need you to do is enter the giveaway and share this.

What else is in it for you? Well how about a second giveaway here on the blog. That’s right. If I win this Aeron Chair, I’m going to do another giveaway on the blog. This time upping the anti and giving away something much cooler than the previous.


If you’ve entered the giveaway, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. thanks for the tip, good luck with the chair. count one more referral for ya.

  2. Hope you win it… looking to get me an Embody or an Aeron as well!… I’m entered.

  3. Eric Thibeault says:

    I’m in. I really like my Setu so I assume you will love the Embody. Best of luck!

  4. Damion says:

    I clicked on the link and entered the giveaway. So here is another referral for ya.

  5. Shelby White says:

    I’m really more excited to be able to do another giveaway on the blog.

    Thanks you guys for your help—really hoping it all comes through.

    @Damion, wow, stunning wood headphones here: http://damionscsav.blogspot.com/2010/10/headphones-ultrasone-edition-10.html

  6. Gárdos says:

    I’m in, you’re in, we’re in…
    cheers ears!

  7. Katie says:

    I hope you win too! That chair looks like heaven to sit in (perfect to study for my graduate school oral exams . . . ).

  8. Damion says:

    @Shelby, Those headphones are sweet. I won’t mind starting up a kickstarter fund to see if I could get people to help me get a pair. It could happen. Also thanks for sharing the link. That was really cool of you to do. Thanks,

  9. Matt says:

    I’m in! Great site, by the way!

  10. Hiram says:

    I entered! Here’s to hoping it all turns out well!

  11. Shelby White says:


    Greatly appreciate it!
    Looks like you’re new to the blog as well or just your first comment, welcome!

  12. Sunny says:

    in as well. g’luck!

  13. Sam says:

    I’ve entered the giveaway using your link and tweeted the link as well.

  14. Herman Miller Chairs are really amazing and their is another amazing thing that we can also sell your old Aeron or Herman Miller Chair– no matter how many scratches and breaks it has.

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