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October 21st, 2010

I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this, but Vertical Rhythm is a site that has a couple WordPress templates available for download. These are templates adapted from two Swiss design pieces; the publication Neue Grafik and typographic poster by Josef Müller–Brockmann.

I’m not going to say go nuts and download these, but I do think they’re pretty cool. It’s always interesting to see the grid for a print piece transform directly into a web grid.

Lately a lot of people have asked me where I got my theme template. The answer to that is that I made it myself. If you aren’t wanting to do that, you could download a very simple theme that is bare essentials and build up from that.

Download Neue Grafik Template / Brockmann Poster Template

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  1. They look pretty sweet to anyone who admires this type of design (as do I), however we interact with blogs in a much different way than printed pieces and to me it seems to lose its luster when i see the working theme preview. Perhaps because the preview for this theme could be so much better or perhaps the grid used in this style doesn’t translate into a very good web/interactive experience.

  2. So good! I added them to my Parsons blog that I’ve barely kept up on since Aug. This might be the incentive I needed to keep going with this. Thanks for sharing, the themes’ designers did a wonderful job.

  3. Alex Burner says:

    Shelby these are super cool! Good find. Ha and I see why people want your theme, the time you put into it really shows in the details… People think simple is easy until they try to do it themselves.. I love the proportions of your blog and how well everything lines up. And most especially the complete lack of fucking rounded corners (I am so sick of rounded corners).

    Pablo I have to agree, the idea behind the themes is really cool, but those posters are designed as large-format print pieces and don’t make for the easiest online UX.

  4. And Pablo, you are right, on the basis of how we interact with blogs vs. a print piece, this might not be the most user-friendly and accessible, but when applied in the right context, it can work– I think using it for a design-focused purpose is appropriate, but it would likely not be for less-related subject matter. There is a method to the flow of content that one could figure out using the neue grafik theme I have installed (zurich looked messed up when I tested it), that would make things look really nice btwn type and img content, otherwise it does get slightly disjointed. On the whole tho I am hoping to use it as a launch point for further customization, coupled with some good content and make the blog worth actually sharing.

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  6. Greg Ponchak says:

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys :). The project isn’t mine, but I was fortunate enough to be invited to design the Neue Grafik theme for this project. I’m glad you all liked what we came up with!

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