Retro Airline Bags

November 22nd, 2010

Airlines Originals makes these bags look stylish. Get one of bags in the hands of a trendsetter and we may see it make a comeback. The bags actually are quite durable and would make a great alternative to the man purse. Although the cost feels a little steep coming in around $80-95.

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  1. Dennis searls says:

    I have this exact bag ( the ibiza airlines) looking for the best platform to sell it for around $30. In new condition – only missing the orange tag on the strap -i only come to you with this , because this is the only place i site i found after 3hours of searching that has a image of the same bag that i have- if able to point me in the right direction- besides the obvious e- bay. , please let me know – i would really appreciate it, thank you for your time

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