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  1. SO NICE! Thanks for sharing.

  2. fabian says:

    great insight!

  3. Devan says:

    Pure gold.

  4. Ian Houghton says:

    1950s is nice, but I have to say I enjoy the 1980-2000 logo more – despite the generic typeface. I think it’s a matter of taste though, both logos are great. Designers in Switzerland have such a strong symbol to work with (+).

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  6. Tom says:

    Great post! Didn’t know the older ones – and this post makes me think of the times late 50, early 60 as the period of design I like most – especially when I think of airlines (Lufthansa’s airline design with the nice blue, the chrome… harrrrr)

    The experimental ones are also quite interesting – some look like a bomb to me (and one like the Hakenkreuz?)

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  8. Anything, everything Swiss is too gorgeous not to stare at.

  9. Matt says:

    This is a great study – thank you so much for sharing.

  10. thehalvo says:

    Great write up. Thanks!

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  12. Andreas says:

    […] It’s always interesting to see logos that weren’t used because they’re often really interesting […]

    One of those versions was created by Karl Gerstner. You can find it in his book “Review of 5 x 10 Years of Graphic Design etc.”

  13. this is brilliant ! what a fascinating and aesthetic post, really love it. so glad swissmiss shared it on her site. i am now totally obsessed with the swissair fan site too. ;) i live in zürich and love swiss vintage posters and design. i was actually at an exhibit not too long ago on just that theme, and there were a bunch of swissair posters too. very cool. thanks for putting this together !

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  15. Awesome to see! Thanks for sharing :)

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  21. MAX says:

    Great post ! Linked on my blog :) Thx!

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  23. tobias b köhler says:

    Note that the 1950s lettering is very close to what the Swiss Railways (SBB CFF FFS) used from the 1950s to the 1980s (a more elongated version of the letters can still be found on many locomotives today). So there was a visual consistency even across different modes of transport: Swissair, like Swiss rail, is practical, punctual, reliable transportation.

  24. andy. says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out the typeface introduced in the 50’s for quite some time. Is it an actual typeface? Or was it created just for the logotype?

  25. Shelby White says:

    I had a brief discussion about the typeface used (if it was one ) and I came to this conclusion…

    Handel Gothic does look similar, but based on the year that Linotype claims it was designed, I don’t think the Swissair logo used it.

    I believe that it was created specifically as a logotype and then eventually transformed into a typeface later on.

    Karl Gerstner designed this version.

    Wink Media designed the most current version.

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  27. elliot says:

    Dam I like swiss design, thats a great run down of its history, thanks for the post.

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  29. Its interesting how the logo from the 50s (which you like) looks alot more modern and futuristic than the one from the 80s. If anything the 80s one feels more dated to me than the 50s. Nice post.

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  31. Shelby White says:


    Good point. A lot of the mid-century design that I’ve ever come across has had that “uber-futuristic” feel to it. It’s something that we really don’t see nowadays, or haven’t seen since.

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  33. les says:

    great compilation, thanks

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  35. krause says:

    Experimental logos, top row, middle….call me crazy but it looks like an abstract swastika. I can see why that one didn’t make it.

    cool stuff

  36. Shelby White says:

    @Krause, you’re entirely right. That is what I saw when first looking at it. The time period these were created explains somewhat of why we’re seeing that similarity.

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  39. Dan Pacey says:

    You can see why they dropped the signet, it really began to feel more like a cruise missile than an aircraft. It could have been reworked i’m sure, but I actually prefer the final logo evolution. Perhaps they could’ve met half way. (via AisleOne)

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  41. Sacha says:

    My own feelings did not respond quite so favourably to the 1950s redesign. I found myself immediately reminded of the V-1 flying bomb, first of cruise missiles, and the war graffiti drawn on bombs and shells. (SWISSAIR replacing “Up Yours, Adolf” ;) Just look at the top-right poster and tell me that doesn’t look like a payload delivery or a murder of doodlebug-like devices aimed for London. These works – and some of the experimental ones – feel surprisingly militaristic to me for a country supposedly neutral.
    Of course, these are just my feelings looking back from the 22nd century – it may well have been intended and perceived as bold & futuristic at the time.

    I think my vote must go to the final period in Swissair history. Although I can see the appeal in (the use of) the old logotype (60–70s), I feel the new logo, being friendlier & more inviting, says “people” more than the old type, which would suit cargo better. And is there anything that says Swiss more clearly than a white Greek cross on red background?
    Great post. Cheers!

    >>FYI: While Swissair may have ceased operations in 2002, I understand it was reborn as SWISS (International Air Lines). Re-branding was inevitable and looks a bit more serious again. Perhaps an idea for a follow-up article?

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  50. Yael says:

    Love it! Need to do a post on these unbelievable logos
    Thank you for that

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