HD-DSLR Setups

September 7th, 2010

When HD-DSLR’s first entered the photography industry, I was super skeptical about whether or not photography and video should be combined into one camera. I for some reason has the notion in my head that it would dilute photography to add video. The truth of the matter is that the addition of video to dslr’s hasn’t harmed photography, it really has given people the opportunity to experiment. We all know that experimentation is really key for finding creativity.

Not only are these small videos being made (eg. National Geographic Adventure, Volcano Iceland, & The Cabbie), but there are actual big-budget shows that are being shot on 5D Mark II’s, 1D Mark IV’s and even 7D’s. Shows like House, 24, Daily shows, Tonight Show opener and even some BBC series were shot on various Canon HD-DSLR’s.

The cost of running these cameras is far cheaper than that of a Arri or RED. Either way, the resolution is more than enough to go around. Oh what I would give to have one of these 1D Mark IV setups along with a dolly or steadicam.

Images via on Redrock & DSLR News Shooter

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  1. thehalvo says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful thing to behold.

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  3. Jesse says:

    wow that is totally incredible. My camera now seems so un-equipped…

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  5. Nasuha says:

    i think i can spot Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. :D

  6. tchago says:

    this makes me wanna cry so bad. hehehe

  7. Andrew says:

    The school I’m going to now has a class specifically on using rigs like this. Although the rigs themselves don’t have as many bells and whistles as the ones shown here, they have the pull wheels and some other neat stuff. They’re a blast to shoot video with.

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