5 Hours of Power: Design Discussions

August 28th, 2010

Justin Maller

James White of Signalnoise

Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo

Five Hours of Power was a live broadcast event this past week. The broadcast featured Justin Maller a freelance illustrator and art director, Nick Campbell a motion designer & photographer), James White a visual artist & designer, Fabio Sasso a graphic & web designer, and last but not least Erin Loechner of Designchat. Only three of the broadcasts were recorded, but there is still a wealth of advice and information to be taken from each.

I hadn’t heard Justin Maller speak before so it was very refreshing to hear him answer a lot of questions about freelancing and business. In fact besides mentioning “explorimenting” his whole broadcast was about the business side of things. If you’re interested, I believe Justin has a live broadcast Thursdays at 4PM EST.

James White of Signalnoise (we aren’t related) always has something interesting say. The questions were all over the map but there were some particularly great ones about where he finds inspiration and about about growing as a designer. Check out his weekly broadcasts on Thursdays at 3PM EST. I recently have been tuning into them and find them to be inspiring.

One of my favorite of these talks was Fabio Sasso Abduzeedo. This was his first broadcast and Prior to it hadn’t been a close follower of the site. That has completely changed now. Fabio seems to have a lot of great information to share, especially about blogging and doing what you love. He seems to have this way of talking that makes it really easy to listen to.

Thanks go out to the speakers for putting this together and to Fabio for including Wanken on a few of the daily inspiration posts.

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  1. Fabio Sasso says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention and for watching the 5 hours of power. I’m glad you liked my broadcast, I was extremely nervous ehehehe I will do that more often now.

    Best ;)

  2. Altaf says:

    Nope you were cool and the talk was quite open and awesome…

  3. Shelby White says:

    @Fabio You’re totally welcome. I hope that these videos will inspire other people as well as myself.

    I do have to agree with Altaf in saying that you seemed quite open. That’s something that a lot of professionals don’t do. I also really enjoyed the question, “Do you smoke weed?”. So funny.

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  5. Jason Knight says:

    Fabio and his site, Abduzeedo have been go-to regulars for me (along with ISO50), some amazing things being done at both sites. And I just found your site, Shelby. The wealth of inspiration and talent is mind blowing these days, even in a time where inspiration is second to surviving.

    Thanks for sharing, this, I’ll be digging in at the office tomorrow… I can’t believe I get paid to learn such cool shit.

    @ Fabio — are you going to let us in on what Abduzeedo means :)
    @ Shelby — I’m the senior designer at Current TV in SF, we should hang sometime. You’re in the bay area right?

  6. Shelby White says:

    Jason, I am actually based out of Seattle. Although, I plan to be in San Francisco sometime soon for a visit and would be open to a meetup.

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