Helvetica Moleskin

August 25th, 2010

I may be a little late on discovering this limited edition Helvetica moleskin, but nevertheless it’s amazing. I was immediately blown away when first seeing this this via Graham Smith’s blog. The combination of the Swiss mark and Helvetica has me head over heels. Hell or high water I’ll be getting my hands on one of these to sit safely on a shelf out of the reach of a pencil.

Images via alexandra-haertl & sick23.

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  1. Jesse says:

    You discovered it before me…
    LOVE this. So simple and clean, only i would be way to self conscious of what I wrote/drew in there to only have it filled with my best ideas.

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  3. Bob Cree says:

    I love your site. There’s so much beautiful stuff here.
    I saw your post on the Helvetica moleskin notebooks and thought you’d like to know that there are some on Ebay…


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