Juranda House

September 30th, 2010

This urban house is located in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil and was designed by Apiacás Arquitetos. The house is made of steel reinforced concrete. The build is somewhat similar to that of the Argentinian JD house I posted a while back. This house however was limited on space. It was then designed to limit areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms to only the necessary amount.

There is something about that house that just feels very natural. Possibly its the unfinished wood flooring or that its very generous to ambient light entering. You may be thinking that I only enjoy this house because an Eames Lounger is plopped front and center, but I didn’t see that until later.

Via Arch Daily

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  2. Jesse says:

    I am in love with this house. Everything about it. Those stairs are perfect, the steel/wood combo is always amazing. I love the look of the slightly over sized stair treads that hang off the back of the steel a little – great detail and it gives the stairs a nice horizontal feel.

    I am a fan of using multiple levels in a space, but it is always disappointing to see the restrictions we have here in the states get in the way. Here you’d have a hard time doing the rail-less seating area and entry, and getting away with open stair treads can be kind of a trick as well. I guess in the United States people haven’t learned how to not fall off of everything the come to.

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