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May 16th, 2008

Such a sunny bright morning so far, hopefully it stays this way. I have a few photos from these past two weeks. The first set is from Kerry Park. I was there last night to try to capture the sunset. I took a few of the pictures with the 70-200mm as well as the 17-40mm. The first panorama was taken with the 17-40, 3-stop GND Filter attached via a Cokin Holder. View Large for detail.

Kerry Park Panorama

This photo will be available for prints on Imagekind tomorrow (5/17/08). If you would like prints of any other photo, please feel free to contact me.

Kerry Park Single

The Needle

Construction across the Road

Here is the second set of photos from last week.

Olympic Mountains

Can you guess where these portraits were taken?

Shannon Throwin' Down

Shannon Not sure

View from Centennial

Looking Northwest

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