Public Gothic Family

July 22nd, 2010

Antrepo has released their newest font called Public Gothic Family. What better way to promote it than to have such beautiful graphics showcasing their look and feel. Based on these few graphics I really would love to get my hands on this family. It can be purchased from Antrepo’s shop.

You can see the full character maps here: Character sheet 1 & Character sheet 2.

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  1. Michael says:

    I enjoyed these

  2. Ian Houghton says:

    Digging the type treatments; not digging the reflections. Retro + web 2.0 = :(

  3. Jesse says:

    @ Ian : I was just thinking the same thing….why the reflections? Great fonts and tags though. Wish I had the $$.

  4. Shelby White says:

    Hey guys, I updated the images.

  5. I love these so very much! Great find Shelby.

  6. Jesse says:

    oh haha i assumed you found them that way! Sorry to criticize over something so small!

  7. Shelby White says:

    I had found the images with the reflection. Theres no way I would add reflections to anything…ever.

  8. Jesse says:

    oh good! funny how little things make such a huge difference.

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  11. Henrik says:

    what does the other side say on a Vintage Pan am Airline Baggage Tag say?

  12. Jef says:

    This font is copy from Neville Brody’s New Deal typeface:

    And they sell it? WTF

  13. Megan says:


    I’m developing a travel/expat blog and would like to use the bag tags. Do you know how I can license them?

  14. Shelby White says:

    @Megan, you’ll have to speak with the creator of the fonts about licensing.

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