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  1. Dallas Casey says:

    Hmmm, I dunno. I might have to disagree with you here. I LOVED the first Corbis logo!

    Don’t get me wrong, the new logo looks good too, but the original logo was sweet. It was different, but different in a good way. It was hard without looking too hard, and the typeface they used is one that I haven’t seen used as often as the new one. It said “Business: Without the suits and ties”. It just worked in my opinion, and I’m a little bit dissapointed that they’ve changed it to be honest. Ah well, I guess that’s brand evolution for ya. It’ll be interesting to see if makes any difference at all to how many $500 a pop photos they sell from thier site. Hmmmm…Still highway robbery in my opinion; new logo or not :)

  2. Very good post. I’m loving that you keep up to date on these kind of things. It always brings inspiration.

    I think that Corbis made step forward with rebranding their business. I think the new logo is much more effective.

  3. Steve says:

    Segura had nothing to do with this redesign, though. The redesign was done in-house, as mentioned in the article where you got your article’s images from:

    It’s definitely a nice evolution of the brand. The more angular wordmark was really showing its age. This is a nice, subtle overhaul.

  4. Steve, thanks! I misread the paragraph and for some reason thought Segura had redone the new Corbis logo.

    I see now that the in-house team was the creator of the logo which is even more impressive.

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