SanDisk in Style for Once

March 9th, 2009

For the years I’ve been into photography, I’ve never seen a card reader with a great design. I believe that SanDisk has hit on something here with their new multicard readers. The design is more modern than the previous and has a high fashion look to it. Personally I haven’t seen the new card readers, and I’m slightly concerned about the functionality and sturdiness of them. Does anyone have any information on these? What do you think about them and would you make the upgrade?

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  1. Brad Jameson says:

    i think it is a nice upgrade and could clear your desktop up and keep things a little more professional. but i’m not running down the street to get one. for me a card reader is a card reader is a….. it’s something thats sits in my drawer until i need to edit and then i pull it and plug it in.

    and sturdy? i don’t know i wouldn’t test it too roughly

  2. Good point Brad. I think I’m mainly stuck on the aesthetics of the card reader. Just love that design.

  3. Fajta Ray says:

    Great device to have, and it looks great, but does it have to look great? It’s not a new car or T.V. that one shows off, so I don’t think it needs to look badass. Some people I guess want to show off EVERYTHING.

  4. Jake Skjerven says:

    looks good, like brad said, should un clutter and appear nicer overall, now lets just see if they make different colors and styles

  5. Dezzy says:

    I think it’s nice. Sleek & Pretty but the stand for it seems like it’d take up some hefty space on your desk area. Just a thought.

  6. They’re rather small–about 6 inches tall for the smaller reader and about 10 inches for the multi reader. I believe but they’re only in the silver/black which is good because color might ruin this design :)

  7. David Putman says:

    Love the design of them, but design over functionality in a card reader isn’t something I’d choose. Its just too big, and unless it’s ridiculously fast its not something I see myself buying. Personally I like the San Disk Extreme reader I have, much smaller and fits in my camera bag for viewing or dumping cards away from my desk.

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