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April 10th, 2008

This is a great week to do a photo blog. There has been nothing but camera talk all week between myself and friends. I believe it was Monday night and two of my friends decided to head out to try to get some portraits. They asked if I would come along to show them some flash work–so I did. After a few suggestions, I saw a shot that I wanted to do. Heres the shot below:

Into the Dark

It only took a few minutes to get the shot. The trick to this photo was using long exposure and an external flash (Canon 430ex). I set the camera at four seconds with an f-stop of 8. This gave me enough time to run to the left of the camera and pop off some light. I only flashed once to give the model some definition but was careful to keep from ghosting. Simple enough? I think so.

The next series of photos that I’m posting are taken on slide film and have been in my film camera for a while now. By shooting with slide film and then cross processing, you get strangely over-saturated colors and color casts. You can vary the exposure + color by shooting 1 or 2 stops over exposed–raising your ISO/ASA also does a similar effect.

Alley Time

Mac Party

New Office Desk

Basketball Court

Sparkly Clean

View from the Window

Spring Trees

Do Not Block

Not so Happy

Bag in Station


Day Before Christmas Eve Snow

I like Lamps

If you’d like to try cross processing, I’d recommend going to a Walmart or something very similar. They do a good job at processing it, and its cheap. I would not recommend going to RiteAid. They have a different setup there and sometimes their machines can’t read the film. I had a slight problem with them this time and had to take my film to another place to get prints from the negatives.

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