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January 30th, 2009

shelby white photo

Image #1

shelby white photo

Image #2

shelby white photo

Image #3

shelby white photo

Image #4

As most of you know and can see, both the portfolio and blog are in the stage of updating and expansion––the full revamp is right around the corner. If you want to keep up on the progress and daily iPhone snaps, follow me on twitter. With the site updates will be a series of new images for the portfolio. I’d like to get feedback from you about these photos. Here are the two simple questions that I have for you. If you will, post a short message down below answering in short, these two questions:

Which image is your favorite?

Which image is your least favorite and why?

I enjoy all sorts of feedback so feel free to leave your full opinion or suggestions as well. Your different views on the photos will help decide whether or not to include these in my new portfolio. Having said that, lets get to voting. Each image is marked with a number that you can reference via the comments.

UPDATE: As you can see there are have been changes to the blog—features added such as Follow on Twitter links, Twitter updates, Feedburner links and Excerpt Links. Make sure to click Continue Reading on posts so you can see more photos and text.

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  1. Ashley says:

    My favorites are the first one, and the one of Jared in the glasses. I like the composition and lines in the first one. I like how ‘real life’ or everyday the one of the sunglasses is, but the ringlight in the glasses is a little distracting to me. Love your work Shelby.

  2. Jared says:

    This is sad… Up till now I’ve been a wanken virgin! ha well here goes my first post :D

    Once again amazing work man. I’m not sure how I feel about the second and third ones.. idk.. i guess it seems like there’s a little bit too much of a yellow/brown hue to them. I can see how you were going for a slightly different approach or style.. but personally i dont like the hue. (too warm may be the correct terminology.)

    Although, I love the use of flairs in both photos. And I like one of the old man and the young guy.. looks like he was jogging and stopped to give a minute of his time to this older gentleman. Don’t always see much of that these days.

    The photo of the house has a nice balance. Has a country feel to it. And the flair totally makes the shot.

    As far as the other two go, I already gave you my feedback on them. But they turned out solid. Like the concept of the first one and just showing the lower half of the model. and how their feet are in the air.

    Personally my favorite is the 3rd shot (and im not being biest, honest opinion lol) Looks professional and something you might see a band use or some kind of promotional piece.

    Keep up the good work man.

  3. Shelby, you work always amazes me, and you’re a big inspiration for the work i do.

    As for this post, I noticed that you are going for a new style, and I can admire that. I think my least favorite photo would probably have to be the first one. The photo really doesn’t do much for me. I’m not a fan of the contrast or the crop.

    As far as my favorite photo from the post, its a hard decision between number two and number four. When it comes down to it, I would probably have to go for number four. I like the crop and especially the flare you were able to get. I like the color a lot and also the simplicity of the shot.

  4. JSP says:

    Great work shelby, as always, all 3 speak volumes to your experience with photography

    the second one is my favorite

  5. Aaron says:

    Favorite is #1. Good graphic with the lines, but I like the runners feet balanced in mid-air.

    I’d let go of #2. The lighting and the convergence of the two trees are throwing me a bit off. You’ve got a few with the lens flair and the other compositions(3 and 4) seem stronger.

    I always see you working on something man, keep going ;) Nice!

  6. Steven says:

    Aesthetically the first photo is my favorite. It has good balance and the fact that the runner is floating makes it interesting to look at.

    The second photo seems kinda odd because both the left and right section of it are the same photo. Usually in these “cell” format photos two different photos are use which makes things more interesting or creates a sort of atmosphere for the whole piece. Congrats for doing something new but it’s less interesting instead of more.

    The blur of the cars and the sharpness of the kid’s face in the third photo make a cool juxtaposition but overall it feels a bit unrefined. The reflection of the flash on his glasses could be better positioned to add to the photo. For example, if you had the reflection of the flash in the center of both lenses it might help to draw you into the kid’s eyes more.

    I like the 4th photo quite a lot but it lacks a subject. You could have put just about anything at the center of that one and it would have been my favorite.

    Keep up the good work Shelby!

  7. Fajita Ray says:

    All great photos, my favorite though is 4 just for the fact the others seem like magazine ads. Still good though. If #2 was cropped some between two would be better. A little closer to the subjects then in left one, but still able to see the tree, unlike the one on the right.

    Great stuff, bro!

  8. Jon H says:

    I like the 1st and 3rd shots. The first is great, it just needs a lil less contrastyness to it. The 3rd is awesome, the use of the ringlight there is neat. by the way, is that a diy ringlight?

    In all theyre good enough for a portfolio. Id say the 2nd and 4th could be left out.

  9. Jaymes says:

    Dog park chat.
    Times in Seattle, with a guy I know who worked at a pizza place once I think?

    Those are my first impressions of your photos. They are pretty great actually.

    The first could be a Nike commercial, though you could ask more of the jogger… they aren’t really a model I would assume.

    The second is good too, but I am left to assume the guy on the right is walking a dog… I don’t think he is but it’s my best assumption.

    The third is model-esque. And I think it’s good. It could be a band photo, if by band I mean a solo project of sorts.

    The third reminds me of some Robert Deniro film where he is a spy or something, but it’s good too.

    Art is in the eye of the beholder. Someone somewhere will see these and pay you money for them. The same way someone somewhere will pay me for a song. The right thing at the right time.

    Keep taking photos and things will work out.

  10. Im loving the makeshift ringflash effect you have going on there ;) lol

    Love ya buddy.

  11. jose medina says:

    I like #3, it conveys a coolness everybody wants.

    I don’t like #4, to me it’s just blah, doesn’t really say anything.

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my photos. It means a lot coming from a photographer with your talents. I am now a steady reader of this blog.

  12. Jessie says:

    #2 and @4 are my fav. Both begin to tell a story. Without a story a photograph is lifeless. That’s what makes the difference between someone with a really nice camera and a great photographer.

    I like the idea of #2 because it shows a larger scene and then zooms into a detail. At first there are just two guys having a chat under a tree but in the close up view I start to wonder what knowledge is being passed from the older man to the younger man.

    #4 is intriguing in a voyeur sort of way. I start by wondering about the house and the van, as that seems to be the main focal point. But then I realize that the more interesting story is about the hill. Or rather, who is behind the hill and why are they peaking over at the house. Great depth in this one.

    #1 could be a cool idea about motion and form. Like a study about what form makes an athlete fast or great. But the angle of this photo isn’t very dynamic.

    #2 This photo becomes more that just a pretty head shot if I think about the person and their relationship to the background. Is the person from this neighborhood? Did something happen to him here? Is something going to happen? The person has great focus but the background seems to be over sharpened. Dude totally looks like Ashton Kutcher to me.

  13. Ray J. says:

    I’ve always been a fan of repetitive geometric patterns so I’m gonna have to go with the first image as being my favorite. I think I might be a little bias because I just checked out the Seattle Library for the first time this past week. Super cool place.

    My least favorite is the last photo. I really like the trees and the tonal variations in the grass but the houses and creeper van seem to pull my attention away every time.

    Regardless, I dig your work. Keep it up. If you’re ever in Boise, hit me up I’ll show you some neat spots to photograph.

  14. Daniel Agee says:

    Hey man, I love the second and fourth image. The other two, while nice, feel a little too photoshopped for my liking.

    On the fourth one, have you tried a crop that comes in from the right until it hits the middle of the closest tree? I think that might make it even better.

  15. Tony says:

    Well, I like a the images. Your work is quite nice.
    My fav is #3. #1 is my second fav, it reminds me of a nike ad. keep up the good work!

  16. Samantha says:

    Shelby you are so talented, I admire all your work so much. I almost always take a look when you update you’re blog/flickr, and I’m always so impressed with what your projects are. I want to continue photography, whether its sooner or later, but I will always look to you for inspiration. I just made a flickr account, I think I sent you a contact request, anyways, take care!

  17. Kacey Cavanaugh says:

    I really enjoy these pictures. Although the first one does seem like one you would see in many different magazines, it still catches my eye.

    I think my favorite one would have to be Jared. I like how you can see the reflection in them and the background has a blur to it rather than it all being perfect. Your work is great bud, Keep it up!!

  18. Shashank says:

    in order of likeness 4-3-2-1

    the rope in 2 going toward the crotch is quite distracting

    1 seems to have some heavy post processing as i can see halos around the shoes

  19. Greg says:

    #2 is my favorite and #4 my least favorite. #1 and #3 are great “commercial style” shots in my mind but the reflection in the shades is a bit distracting and so is the background in the running photo. i really like the background in #1 and the way it’s lit, and think it could even stand on its own as an interesting photo but it pulls my eye away from the runner’s shoes. i like the subject matter in #2 and i’ve always been a sucker for the diptych shot style you’re going for. the natural light in #2 is also really nice. anyway, there’s my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth.

  20. Jeffdoe says:

    Without reading any of the other comments, I’m gonna easily say #4 is my favorite and #1,2 are my least favorites.

    #4 invokes my curiosity and makes me feel something I don’t fully understand. I want to learn more about the photo and hear it’s story. It captures a mood without literally stating so. The colors, contrast and positive tension are also sweet.

    #2,3 Feels forced and unoriginal. Doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

    :-) 2 cents

  21. Anne Cho says:

    I like your use of lens flare in #2, 3 and 4. Although #4 kind of feels like it lacks a main subject. I like #3 best, I like the reflection in his glasses. The sky looks a little blown out but i like the overall feel of the picture.

    #1 could be more interesting maybe if it’s more from the side (like you’re looking at the person from the side) with the same background, legs more outstretched?

    I hope this helps, even though we don’t talk alot I just saw your link to your blog on myspace. =)

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