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May 14th, 2010

v-one on wanken
It’s been nearly a year and a half since I completed this project in school. The project was a self-initiated re-branding of V1 Private Jet charter. The reason for tackling this particular company was that their branding was loose. It looked as if the aspect of design throughout their brand had been lost sight of. Being that V1 is a jet charter service that offers their luxury-minded clientele on-demand private jet charter services for both domestic and international travel, I tackled this design in a whole new way than their previous mark.

The initial reaction when beginning the logo process was that the previous V-One was in resemblance of something too close to military and science (periodic table of elements). The new logo utilized a powerful mark in addition to hand-drawn type. The new logo represents aspects of their clients: luxury and exclusiveness. The logo’s “V” shape also incorporates a slice that enables the shape to be interpreted as a bird flying high, or a jet taking off up and to the left.

v-one on wanken
v-one on wanken

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  1. jp33 says:

    that is really great rebrand – i LOVE the type work…great stuff man.

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  3. Selena says:

    very beautiful logo

  4. ivan says:

    Looking clean man. Hope you don’t take them over in google ;)

  5. Ian Houghton says:

    That’s funny, I actually initially saw the V in a third way – as a paper aeroplane viewed from the front and a couple of degrees to the left! I like the business card.

  6. Kevin says:

    Nice mark. Definitely an improvement on the original.

  7. Jesse says:

    Can I ask the significance of the hand drawn type? Was it just a desire for originality that justified the time spent drawing or was there another meaning behind the character shapes?

    I think it is a very clean and quality design, but I am not convinced the V is as clear and simple as you could make it. It appears a little ambiguous still, not really a bird or a plane…and the difference in the tips of the V are a little distracting, but perhaps only to me.

    I think there may be something worth exploring with the negative in-between space as well.

    Overall great work, very clean and neat. Just offering my thoughts. And great blog as well!

  8. All of my work begins with sketching. I’ve in someway lost my desire to draw but I really do enjoy sketching. The letter forms were drawn out as closely as I was able to and then vectored.

    If I tackled this project again or refined it, I might update some of the line weights.

  9. Doug Sheets says:

    I remember sitting in class when you presented this. I really like how it turned out, very clean, very professional, and a huge improvement over what they have currently.

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