Serif + Sans Serif Classification

April 19th, 2010

It’s a beautiful thing to see typefaces classified and grouped for us to quickly look at from day to day. Particularly I’ve found the Periodic Table of Typefaces to be most helpful. For nearly a year I had it as my desktop background. Every time I looked at my desktop I was looking at type and studying. You can grab the full desktop version here.

These next posters by Martin Plonka are all about Serif and Sans-serif classification. Besides being a beautiful set, I could see them being very useful in classrooms to help students understand the categories of type as well as seeing examples of the type in application. These posters are somewhat small but Martin covers these categories:

• Slab Serif
• Serif Old Style
• Serif Transitional
• Serif Modern
• Sans Humanist
• Sans (Neo)Grotesque
• Sans Geometric

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  1. Ian Houghton says:

    Really like that periodic table mate, cheers for the link. I’ve always had a soft spot for chemistry.

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  3. Jesse says:

    I have had the periodic table printed next to my design station at work for some time. It is actually a pretty helpful thing to have around!

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