Rosen Residence by Craig Ellwood

March 19th, 2010

Rosen Residence on Wanken
Rosen Residence on Wanken
Rosen Residence on Wanken
Rosen Residence on Wanken
The Rosen Residence was designed by Craig Ellwood Associates for Gerald and Arlene Rosen. The house was constructed in West Los Angeles during the 1960’s. I really like the wood meets modern aesthetic throughout the house. Check out the Eames lounger and ottoman sitting in front of the old style piano.

Via the Mid-Century Modern Interiors pool.

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  1. jp33 says:

    the huge tiled floor and fireplace look amazing. and that view outside – wow.

  2. Jeremy, I’m right with you on that. Growing up in Idaho there were a few houses similar to this aesthetic only much smaller and nowhere near as nice, but they still gave off a similar vibe. It could have just been the dark carpets and wooden paneled walls combined with tile flooring in the kitchen area…

  3. Clarke says:

    Why don’t they make houses with floor to ceiling glass any more?

    The floor, that mirror/divider wall and the fireplace are so perfect.

    The Barcelona / Eames chairs are the icing on the interior design cake. mmm. Tasty cake at that!

  4. Marit says:

    I sure would have liked to have a house like that!

  5. […] There is always something stunning about coming gems like these. While they may not be the most attractive images, they certainly have helped me nail down that ever-so-unique mid-century vibe. I’m most drawn to the Siliconized High Gloss and Color Varnish sets. You can see some other examples of these colors in use here and here. […]

  6. Elise says:

    I grew up visiting this house. I just bought my own mid-century modern house (nothing near as nice!) and I’m glad to see photos up here for ideas. Those terrazzo floors were stunning with all that wood. Cold, though! Good thing it’s in Los Angeles.

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