Leopard OSX Unavailable at UW Apple Store on release date

November 7th, 2007

Apparently, the University Village Apple Store in Seattle, was the only Apple store in the nation to be closed for OSX Leopards premier release…

Today started off as a great day all because Apple’s noted release of OSX Leopard was to be 6PM. After rounding up a friend of mine, we took off to find the Apple store for the first time. Part of my built-up anticipation was not only to adventure to the Apple store, but also to experience the thrill of waiting in line for hours…and of course to get a free t-shirt. After walking around 2 miles (trying to find the right street), trying to catch the right bus and then driving for 15 minutes in traffic, we finally get to the store to find an unpleasant surprise. Here’s a photo:

At first glance, without actually reading, I thought it read something like, “We will be closed from 4-6PM to get ready for the Leopard release.” I quickly was informed that the sign actually read that they were closed from October 22nd till November 2nd to renovate the building.

Am I the only one that thinks that this was probably the worse time, if any, to rebuild this building? The University Village Apple Store is one of Seattle’s main stores and would have had one of the largest crowds in the Northwest that would’ve purchased products on this day.

Here is another photo with a wider view:

Update: I finally got ahold of a copy of Leopard from the University Bookstore for $69 for a single version. It was more worth my money to buy a single version and have my own disc instead of purchasing the family pack and just receiving one disc. I will most likely post a screen shot when Leopard is finished installing.

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