February 10th, 2010



If you need on the fly icons to serve in your wire-frames or maybe even icons for your design then Helveticons are your savior. These are are beautifully designed icons based on the Helvetica Bold typeface. This set includes 245 icons in a slew of different formats to suit your need. I’d definitely recommend using the preview icons on the website as inspiration to create your own or purchasing if you can stomach the $279 price tag.

As a side note I just have to say that the Helveticon’s website is nicely laid out. The typography and ‘Preview’ section is what pulls me in. As you click to preview the icons, the page slides up as a reveal for more content. The motion is very pleasant and leaves your mouse with an ‘x’ to click, close and show the main page. I haven’t seen a site done this well in a longtime. Not to mention one with such a beautiful grid.

Read Kyle Meyer’s thoughts on the website’s design.

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  1. thehalvo says:

    very nice. thanks for sharing!

  2. ben says:

    very utilitarian… cool idea.
    seems a little pricey considering how none of them really reinvent the wheel though. wouldn’t this be more useful as an actual font file?

    actually, come to think of it, i should map out all my shape fonts into a nice ‘preview’/legend like the image above. that would save so much time!


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