Its Your Turn

February 2nd, 2010

If you’re hiding down below in the rss feeds, could you come out for just a moment? I am looking for your suggestions to improve the blog or how the content is received. Do you see bad links, errors or areas for improvement? Whether or not your idea is a design change or not is up to you, its your opinion. Maybe it’s even a suggestion about content type or a new music player that plays song after song in a post. Put your suggestion out on the table and I’ll do my best to step into your shoes as a viewer.

What suggestions do you have that could improve this blog or its content?

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  1. Dan says:

    I’m a big fan of the blog and I love what you have going.

    I have been curious for a while why the stuff in the “Stay Connected” part of the sidebar isn’t styled though. It seems you could add some visual cohesion to the rest of the site, because just leaving the standard RSS icons gives it that standard WordPress theme feel.

    Other than that, don’t change much. I love the minimalist style and the content is usually pretty interesting. Keep it comin :)

  2. Michael says:

    I love your work, the work you post and all of the above. I even love you Shelby!!!!! haha

    I would have to agree with Dan to an extent. I do not really agree with the RSS, because i think it speaks to the viewer really quickly. The RSS icon is a known symbol throughout the web community.

    Secondly I think you could make things a little bigger. I love the simplicity. I do also think there are to many thumbnail images down the right side, just because i am a person that doesn’t like to scroll down a lot to view content. Also maybe minimize the amount of posts on a page, with fewer i think you get more of an interest to whats further into your site.

    These are the only things I feel could be done…I love how it is now though, but those are somethings that I have taken into consideration as a viewer.

    peace n love

  3. Clarke says:

    So far I really like everything that’s been done and posted.

    Following several blogs similar to yours I notice yours is the least often updated. Most likely since you are the only author of the blog to post content. (For example, ISO50 has three or four main authors) and so, since you have a life, the blog gets a bit neglected. It’s not a bad thing, merely an observation. Certainly I don’t expect you to drop everything and blog for my sake.

    I like it. Keep it up!

  4. Clarke–

    Good point. I’d love to drop more posts on here, infact it is one of my resolutions for this year.

    One question that just came to mind is contrast. Is there a contrast issue for anyone?

  5. ralph fisker says:

    Loving the blog, too! Always a good raed.

    I could do with a larger font size. This is hard to read.
    For blogs in general I like it when they put the width of the page to use. Maybe a third column?
    And ever thought of getting Disqus for easier commenting?

    Greetings from Brussels.

  6. NAVIS says:

    You need a lot more unnecessary animated gifs. I also think you should change the name to WELCOME TO SHELBY’S WEB PAGE! :)

  7. jp33 says:

    i’ve got no problem with the layout, usability, etc. i do agree with clarke…more posts would be great!

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