Nikon Submissions: Your Day in 140 seconds or less

January 13th, 2010

Nikon’s 140 second film festival has been going on for a while now but now the submissions are closed and 50 finalists have been chosen. The final submissions will be judged by Chase Jarvis, Rainn Wilson and Justine Ezarik (iJustine) for the judges award of $100,000 but the audience award of $25,000 is really up to us–the persons video with the most views and highest rating will win this award.

Some of the submissions seem to stray from the original “your day” submission guideline and more towards a video showing off their work, but nevertheless they’re nicely done. The videos above, the first by Skill Lab and the second by Josh Friedberg, are my two favorites. Both are creative ways to look at your day. The the first “numbers” video especially. You can still see/know what is going on even though you’re only seeing a closeup shot.

Mozy on over to to watch a bunch more of the submissions. They are inspiring and may quite possibly spark some ideas for you.

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