How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell

January 11th, 2010

So you’re about to start the best project in the world and are thrilled to have it in your portfolio. Fast-forward twenty days and you’re now wishing that you’d never agreed to do this project because your client has forgotten why they hired you as a designer–to build something really great. It’s safe to say that that most of us in the industry have experienced a similar situation. Feel free to vent your story in the comments.

Hit the jump to read the comic and have a good laugh.

Comic strip via TheOatmeal

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  1. Josh McDonald | Onestep Creative says:

    Ha, great post Shelby. I think you’re right, I think a lot of us in the industry can relate to a situation like this. I know I went through something very similar this past summer. It always blows my mind how people hire you for your skill, and then start revising your work as though they are the expert.

    Great Post!!!

  2. ivan says:

    this is true on too many levels. the second bit really got me laughing haha. in all seriousness, giant rss buttons, lens flare, and default photoshop gradients are sexxy. random lightning bolt never hurt either.

  3. Colby says:

    —”make it ‘pop’, make it ‘edgy'”… this sounds familiar. Makes me cringe.

  4. Man, that’s just spot on! Sad but true. Why is it that clients don’t trust our skills and judgement as designers?!

  5. Jahanzeb says:

    HAHAH I’m actually going through this right now.

    I started a 6month project which is now stretched out to 14 months.
    They hired me and we had 3 days of meetings of how creative and artsy they were, so I was able to push the limits or so I thought.

    I made all the branding, package design, got it approved, they loved it. A day before print, I get an e-mail ” ah sorry I just showed it to the CEO he has a few changes, he said lets play it safe and drop all elements, textures,..let’s make it generic so it can appeal to more people, can you have this done by tomorrow, doesn’t seem long, thanks, how’s the family?”

    ….. terrible

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