Lightning Sunset

August 17th, 2008

Beacon Hill Sunset
No there wasn’t really lightning at sunset but wouldn’t that be cool? The first shot I’m posting, was taken over on Beacon Hill looking towards downtown Seattle. I shot it using a .9 (3 stop) GND (graduated neutral density) filter. The reason for using this type of filter is so I could properly expose the ground and still keep the sky from overexposing.

Last night, technically this morning, was the first time I’d actually seen lightning strikes this close to Seattle. The lightning was about 10 miles off at one point. The best of the show was at about 4AM, going till about 4:30AM. I have posted some random photos below from the weekend as well. They are from the same night as the first sunset photo I posted up above.

lightning over the bay
lightning over the bay
ethan vella sunset
sunset at amazon
bike in sunset

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