Instagram Shapes Series

November 16th, 2012

For the last month and a half I’ve been posting a series of found “shapes” on Instagram. The objects in the images are various places, signs, or vintage objects. Each image expresses my affection for simple, clean and effective design. It’s also about connecting with those lines; It’s about the feeling you get when viewing it.

It’s a challenge finding new compositions that really give off that spark, but it’s also fun. It’s also really interesting to see how others react to certain shapes and colors. Hope you enjoy!

View more from the series.

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  1. PJ Tierney says:

    These are great; been following them on Instagram for a while. I recently started a new personal project called Pocket Liveries which took inspiration from these (credited of course) and applied a new spin on them.

    Keep posting these, they’re nice to see :)

  2. Shelby White says:

    Thanks PJ. That’s you’re doing that, keep it up!

  3. Nice Picture , Great color collection……………

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