Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills

November 11th, 2012

Last week I checked out the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. At first it seemed unlikely that the interior was nice because of the size and location, but the hotel had an amazing cool, mid-century vibe. The original architecture consisted of three buildings. Koning Eizenberg rennovated the building in 1990 to maintain historical style, but also make it a stylishly retro hotel. My favorite part about this hotel is the courtyard and amoeba shaped pool in the center.

Photos via inhabitat

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  1. Udo Schmitz says:

    Mhh, I’m not so sure if Alvin Lustig would have liked what they have done with the place. His approach was much more minimalistic.


    Would be great if anyone could come up with interior shots of the (as it was called) Beverly Carlton :)

  2. webpage says:

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