Sheats Goldstein Residence: Interview with James Goldstein

October 24th, 2012

John Lautner was one of the greatest architects. He designed this home back in the 70s in the hills outside of Los Angeles and eventually James Goldstein purchased it from the original owner. This glass walled home in the Hollywood Hills has been used many times in photoshoots and in movies. To live in this home would be extraordinary.

View more images of this house or of Lautner’s work.

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  1. Rich Wilson says:

    I’ve definitely seen that house before. I’m fairly certain it is featured in The Big Lewbowski.

  2. Michael says:

    Old, but good….loved watching this….the dude is a celeb hahaha

    He purchased an amazing house. Great Post.

  3. Nice House, Realy Nice to see ………………..

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