Vintage Plastic Swiss Bags

September 19th, 2012

Stumbled upon these vintage plastic bags that were designed in Switzerland. Wish I had more information on these… Check out more Swiss related design here.

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  1. Since I’m from Switzerland I can give you some information about the companies.

    EPA doesn’t exist anymore. It was a general store. You can find the last logo here:

    Dosenbach is a shoe store. The did a new small logo only with a “D”. Also changed the font I guess:;jsessionid=AB21D02F81FB3CE0DEAA5C9B93024468.corpserver08t2

    Globus is a more expensive general store. Their design changed totally. It’s now black-white and very iconic in switzerland: Still great overall design! Didn’t knowthat the font they use is that old.

    ABM was a general store as well, part of Globus. ABM stands for au bonne marché, which means something like “for cheap buying”.

    Miss those old bags! Maybe we have some left somewhere in the depths of our house.

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