A Real Life Batcave Home Cinema

August 13th, 2012

A Batman fan is spending $2 million to create a cinema in his home that looks exactly like the batcave. The 12,000 square foot cinema includes full bat suits, a bat mobile, 180 degree bat screen (film screen), gargoyles, secret tunnels, and bat computers. These 3D images are what the cinema will look like when completed in November. Amazing.

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  1. Neal Hunter Hyde says:

    Is he going to charge admission for folks to come into his house and experience it or is he gonna keep it all to himself? I mean, i’d pay $100 bucks to come watch a movie in the BatCave!!

  2. swade says:

    There are two different renderings and they really don’t look similar. I wonder which it will be.

  3. This is probably the best use of $2 million I can think of. Total self-indulgence. Personally if I had that sort of cash, I’d make a bed that doubled as a Batmobile. A Bedmobile!……Sorry.

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