Intricate Book Sculptures by Brian Dettmer

June 3rd, 2012

While most of us have been reading books, Brian Dettmer has been carving them for over ten years. His choice of blade ranges from knives to tweezers; each cut exploring a different meaning or truth to the book.

In this work I begin with an existing book and seal its edges, creating an enclosed vessel full of unearthed potential. I cut into the surface of the book and dissect through it from the front. I work with knives, tweezers and surgical tools to carve one page at a time, exposing each layer while cutting around ideas and images of interest. Nothing inside the books is relocated or implanted, only removed. Images and ideas are revealed to expose alternate histories and memories. My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been since their original conception.

Read more about his process here.

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