Yulia Brodskayas Paper Illustrations

June 5th, 2012

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian born artist whose work ranges from fine art to origami and what you see here. Below are two excerpts from Yulia talking about her paper work:

I believe that one of the main reasons I enjoy the paper craft, is due to my love of the material: paper. Although I’ve always had a special fascination for paper, it has taken me a while to find my own way of working with it; and then it took a little longer to find out that the technique I have been using so intensively is called quilling – it involves the use of strips of paper that can be rolled, shaped, and glued to the background.

Being a three dimensional object, the artwork offers multiple views depending on the angle of perception and the intensity and direction of lighting. These things can drastically change the visual experiences and emotional message of the same artwork. The rough snaps below should not only help to see some work in progress stages, but also demonstrate the versatility that can be achieved by playing with lighting and angles:

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