Drawers Made from Firewood

May 30th, 2012

Mark Moskovitz created this totally awesome piece of storage furniture made from split fire wood. Though not specifically noted for what it was created for, it appears to be a dresser.

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  1. D Hindman says:

    Hmmm… Awesome would not be the word I would choose… Reminds me of tofu turkeys. Why simulate one thing to achieve another?

  2. Jonny B Good says:

    Can I buy it?

  3. Jestyr37 says:

    It’s awesome if you consider the “stash box” aspect! If it were positioned near a fireplace, it’s contents would constantly be hiding on plain sight. Almost better than a safe…

  4. Rubens Jr says:


  5. Cary says:

    This idea is an old one and the famous celebrated original design is shown online at Londons V&A museum. The original collectors piece has a tall stack of random, rough finished wood, which hides a series of drawers exactly as this design. The design is easy enough to make/copy but the original idea is 25 years old and I hope Mark Moscovitz is not seriously claiming to have thought of this on his own – he could find himself humiliated publically when confronted with the museum design. There have been various copies of the Museum design and the one above is just that.

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