The Cabinetry of Build LLC

May 29th, 2012

SPD is the “Special Projects Division” of Build LLC. The company established this part of their company to help showcase their excellent cabinetry work. I’m drawn to their work largely because of the mid-century modern feel.

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  1. mg33 says:

    Great stuff. We have been redoing our kitchen since last summer and are nearly done. It’s somewhat similar to the second – fourth photo. We have white glossy Ikea cabinets above a white ceasarstone counter top. All the lower cabinets are going to be American walnut with the grain going horizontally. We are hoping to be done within the next couple of months after a big lull in progress. Seeing the photos above really makes me want the project to be finished! :) If you’re interested, there are some photos here from across the project so far. –

  2. Perfect touch…

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