Awesome iPad 3 Concept with Edge to Edge Screen

February 28th, 2012

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The key highlights of this iPad 3 concept include edge-to-edge screen, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3d holographic display for multiplayer games. Not a gamer? Nor am I. It’s just that these features would make a much more interesting experience.

Having not acquired an iPad yet, I’ll be looking to get one after the March 7th Apple iPad event. You have to imagine that Apple has done designs similar to this, but because they haven’t produced it, I wonder where the faults or questions in design lie.

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  1. These are gorgeous, and I would love to play around with one. To the eye, the bezel seems like a feature that over time is due to be shaved down and eventually removed.

    However, from an interaction standpoint, you need that outer edge to to eliminate unintended inputs. Apple solved a similar problem with the face-detection sensor on the iPhone that shuts off the screen when on a call. Maybe some way to reduce sensitivity to touch on the outer 1″ perimeter? Until then, just a beautiful idea!

  2. autoy says:

    Reality is often harder than doing vague concepts. In this case the device would have to analyze the intent of the hand: is it trying to hold the device or interact with it? Otherwise, fun to look at.

  3. Shelby White says:

    @Autoy @Andrew

    I certainly think it’s a possible idea. Because of multi touch gestures, I’d assume you could counter the touch events’ intent. Calculating distance, direction, and duration would give you the intention. With that said I don’t think the touch events is the most troublesome aspect…

  4. swade says:

    The way the iPad is set up now, you can’t touch the screen with one had and make any commands with the other. You have to have no fingers touching it to be able to click on anything. But other than that, this concept is awesome. I wish those nano tech table controllers could be developed for real.

  5. zx says:

    IMO it’s simple to make it – just disable touch on the outer bevel and leave just the screen. It would still look nice and be as useful as the current one.

  6. mjb says:

    having no bezel would be a disaster. i’d expect you of all people to point this out shelby.

  7. Shelby White says:

    @Mjb, I disagree based on what I commented above. I’m more about pushing the limits and with this concept I see it as possible based on memorable multi-touch gestures. Think memorized “personalized touch events” and “event pattern tracking”.

  8. Mike Manzano says:

    I agree with zx. Just disable input from the “bezel” area ,but extend the screen to the edges. Apps could be written to ensure that no widgets would ever be under the bezel area, but could put indicators there, or treat it as an “overscan” area.

    Yes, that’s right. I just used a CRT reference in a post about iPad.

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