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August 31st, 2009

shelby white photograph
For the last year I’ve been trying to define my style–not the style of my hair, although that may need work–but the style of the images that I create by rethinking how I make them. Rather than hopscotching over to the DSLR to get super clean, high-res images, I’m utilizing a much cheaper camera, the iPhone. Ultimately I’m dumping all of my resolution and settings.

The sacrifice is worth it for one reason:

When limited, you’re forced to be creative. In a search to find my style, the smaller camera makes me rethink what I’m shooting. The limitation empowers me with the requirement of creativity. The evidence is in the top left photo.

What do you see?

It is a normal light; the inner bulb and reflector. What I instinctively saw for a light, looked to me more like a skeleton. This is a prime example of finding interesting (taking ordinary things and turning them into interesting images). The next time you take a photo (if other than the family thanksgiving photo) try to find interesting for yourself. It will lead you on a daily hunt to create new photographs. Hit the jump and try to guess what each of the four images actually are.

shelby white photograph
shelby white photograph
shelby white photograph
shelby white photograph

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  1. Sanciatron says:

    sculpture park window art thing….fabric? oily water on concrete, a speeding bus at dawn?

  2. Sanciatron says:

    The sculpture park window art thing, uhm…dew covered fabric? oily water on concrete, and a speeding bus at dawn?

  3. doug sheets says:

    Not sure on the first two, but the last two i believe are…

    1) water on an oil stain on concrete
    2) speeding train

    nice post

  4. Colby says:

    iPhone as the new Polaroid.

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