Paper Architecture by Ingrid Siliakus

January 19th, 2012

Amsterdam based artists Ingrid Siliakus has created this magnificent mini buildings out of paper. To best describe the difficulty of creating this art, the artist shares some words:

Working with paper forces me to be humble, since this medium has a character of its own that asks for cooperation. It is a challenge to find this cooperation with each separate paper brand I work with. Working with paper the way I do, namely by means of cutting and folding creating paper sculptures, asks of me to work with meditative precision. Paper architecture does not bare haste, it is its enemy; one moment of loss of concentration, can lead to failure of a piece.

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  1. ciaran says:

    Fantastic, particularly love the Escher pieces.

  2. Edwin says:

    Wow, this makes me a very proud Dutchman!

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